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From the Graduate

From the Graduate

May 15, 2018


Amber Kuebler, Co Editor in Chief

April 16, 2018

Hello, to the girl who is popular but feels alone because no one talks to her all she has is her pretty looks. Hello, to the boy on the football team who scores touchdowns like no other. Hello, to the girl who is pregnant b...

What about our childhood?

Amber Kuebler, Co Editor in Chief

April 13, 2018

10 year old me worried about what my friends and I were going to do that day. 10 year holds today worries about how their clothes look and how tight they are, how big their butts are and how sharp their eyeliner wing is. 10...

A longer lunch

Daniel Jaques, Editor

March 14, 2018

A majority of people at school will admit that lunch is a nice relaxing part of the day. Everyone like taking a break in the middle of the day, but one of the best parts of lunch gets to eat. Our school is just like any other s...

Online dating, is it a hit or miss?

Charleigh Urton, Co Editor-In-Chief

March 14, 2018

When you think of online dating what do you think of? Do you think it’s safe? Do you even know what online dating is? Online dating is a form of dating that matches you with certain people according to your likes and dislikes or c...

This I Believe

Charleigh Urton, Co Editor-In-Chief

March 14, 2018

Everyone has to make choices in their life, so why not choose to make one for other people. I believe in hope for cancer patients who don’t have hope for themselves. At the age of 9, I had a great life, great adventures, and great...

What rap music is becoming

Daniel, Editor

March 13, 2018

Music is a normal part of people's everyday lives. Almost everywhere you go you will hear some form of music; everyone has their own opinion of their music,  today the most popular type of music in America is rap. Through some...


Triston Bohling, editer of sports page

March 11, 2018

Baseball has a lot of different positions and you have to practice in order to play the right way. Most people think it's just throwing a ball and catching it and getting the runner out at the base, but it's a lot more than you th...

Video Games: Good for Society

March 7, 2018

Video Games. Some people love them. Others, not so much. From the classic arcade games to the photo-realistic masterpieces, video games have been the highlight of the 20th century. From the casual gameplay, you can experience on y...

KMEA performance

Amber Kuebler, Co Editor in Chief

March 7, 2018

            Not to long ago Concert choir had gone to KMEA ( Kansas Music Educators Association) that I was thankfully apart of. Last year Concert choir had auditioned to go and preform there and we had been accepted to ...

The Open Campus

Boaz Drain, Editor

March 5, 2018

Here at Topeka West, we have something that is special to our high school; that would be our open campus. Having an open campus is having a school that has many different buildings that are separated, which means that students and t...