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Spotlight story: Boaz Drain

Daniel Jaques, Author

May 11, 2018

Boaz Drain is a very smart intellectual who attends Topeka West and is in 10th grade. Boaz seems to be having "a good year" so far. Except for one class that seems to be very hard. Boaz said "my hardest class has been History ...

Spotlight Story: Incoming Freshmen

Charleigh Urton, Co Editor-In-Chief

May 11, 2018

Incoming Freshman I had the opportunity to sit down with 8th grader Nivea Triplett and talk to her about how she feels about coming into highschool, more specifically Topeka West. Nivea is currently attending French Middle S...

Spotlight Story: Daniel Jaques

Boaz Drain, Editor

May 8, 2018

Daniel Jaques is a sophomore at Topeka West High School. His expectation of Topeka West were that there were going to be teachers, but "they have janitors at this school!" His experience at Topeka West has been a "joyous time",...

Spotlight Story: Noah Kuebler

Amber Kuebler, Co Editor in Chief

May 4, 2018

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Noah Kuebler. He is a junior this year and will next year be a senior. I had asked 10 questions total about what he is involved in at west. What all are you involved in? “I am involved in te...

Language Classes Celebrate Topeka West’s International Food Day

Graham Bond, Campus View Assistant Editor-in-Chief

April 19, 2018

Every year, during the second semester, the foreign language students at Topeka West High School celebrate International Food Day. While the rest of the world celebrates on October 16th, the Spanish, German, and French students wai...

Classical Music: The best form of music

Kayla Parker, Reporter

February 27, 2018

Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Tchaikovsky are composers of the many popular classical songs musicians, and non-musicians, known today. For non-musicians, “1812 Overture,” “G Major Minuet” and “Fur Elise” maybe some ...

Red Robin: Bacon cheeseburgers leave diners with sense of patriotism

Stacey Olson, Senior Reporter

February 26, 2018

We all know of the Red Robin out by the “new” movie theatre.  The second you walk out from whatever movie exhibition you just embarked, you can always smell the steak cut fries and mouth-watering burgers.   If you get there...

The Burger Stand: A life-changing culinary experience

Seth Phelps, Reporter

February 26, 2018

Everyone loves a delicious burger, but there is one place that stands out as the best burger joint in town: The Burger Stand. The laid back environment inside the restaurant allows for a relaxing and enjoyable meal. With the sm...

2018 Winter Royalty Video

February 21, 2018