KMEA performance

Amber Kuebler, Co Editor in Chief

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            Not to long ago Concert choir had gone to KMEA ( Kansas Music Educators Association) that I was thankfully apart of. Last year Concert choir had auditioned to go and preform there and we had been accepted to preform there this year. Big congratulations to everyone in Concert choir last year. I wasn’t able to be apart of the audition but I was able to go.

            Everyone in the choir had been practicing really hard to get everything perfect. We had people from different places come in and listen to use to help us prepare and giving us another look on how we could better our sound. We had been preparing for this performance since the beginning of the school year.

            On a Friday when school was out we had to be at school to practice for about two and a half hours and then we would get on the bus. The bus ride was extremely long and painful. After 3 hours to get to the hotel we had finally gotten into our rooms. There were people who had ordered a pizza, people who had gotten food from McDonalds, and people who got food from the vendi machine. There was a group of people who tried to sneak out a window to get food but they didn’t go through with it thank goodness. At a certain time we had our doors taped so we couldn’t get out and we could get a well night sleep.

           Getting a well night sleep wasn’t in the plan for anyone that night. My room we had watched movies and t.v. about all night. Trying to sleep was awful there were very few that got a good night sleep.  We all had to get up around 4:25 to get ready and get on the bus just to make it to KMEA.

          When we preformed everyone was tired and just wanted to go back home but we had given it the to our ability. During some of the songs the risers felt as if they were going to tumble down on us freaked us all out and we all became alert and aware of what was going on. We gotten a standing ovation after we had preformed.

          Thank goodness it was over but now it was picture time. It was awful the guy who was standing in front of me was about 5 feet taller then I was and so he had to move a little in order to see me for the picture. The height of the risers there were terrifying I kid you now it was about 3 feet taller that’s only the bottom riser the top riser was around 17 feet tall. We got on the bus and left believe me everyone was out it was a long day for us. We knew at that point in time that everything was worth our practicing and we had made charger nation proud of us.