The Open Campus

Boaz Drain, Editor

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Here at Topeka West, we have something that is special to our high school; that would be our open campus. Having an open campus is having a school that has many different buildings that are separated, which means that students and teachers have to walk to different buildings depending on where they are trying to go.This idea of an open campus sounds really cool and different from anything I had ever experience 2 years ago. However, in different conditions, an open campus can be the bane of a person’s existence.

In the summer when a school has just begun, it is great to walk outside and breathe in the open air. There are no problems with the open campus, and in fact, it is a delight to walk freely from class to class. I happen to believe that going outside between classes is a break from the “grueling environments” of a classroom…whatever that means.

However, in the fall is when you start to feel the wind and cold weather creeping up your spine. The campus is still pretty enjoyable, but you’re going to want to go inside a lot quicker than in the summer.

In the winter you are blasted by cold and snow constantly because of the walks between classes. You better have a coat if you going to go 30 feet to another building. The campus during this time punishes those who are not prepared and rewards no one.

However, once the weather lets up and the springtime comes to greet you, the open campus is once again a place of rest and enjoyment.