Red Robin: Bacon cheeseburgers leave diners with sense of patriotism

Stacey Olson, Senior Reporter

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We all know of the Red Robin out by the “new” movie theatre.  The second you walk out from whatever movie exhibition you just embarked, you can always smell the steak cut fries and mouth-watering burgers.  

If you get there at the right time of night, your wait is minimal, leaving you ample time to sit in the comfortable seats and drink in the warm hospitality.  The waiters and waitresses are quite delightful–especially when you’re fortunate enough to get one who thinks you’re cute.  It’s always a lovely treat when I can walk in and get free fruity drinks and reduced price apps.  

The apps are quite enjoyable.  They have a decent selection to elate your pallet.  I would recommend the mozzarella sticks or fried pickle coins.  The satisfaction that comes from the ultra stringy melted cheese is indescribable and their pickles are fried nuggets of pure deliciousness that have you frothing at the mouth every time.  But of course, everyone knows Red Robin for their spectacular fries and for good reason.  These bottomless wonders are the perfect way to fill up before getting your main course, often leaving you to take home leftovers for your lunch break the next day.

Next, you have the plethora of entrees to decide from.  They have an abundance of amazing burgers and some not so beefy options.  Their bacon cheeseburger is classic and simple leaving you with a sense of patriotism.  After all, what is more American than a bacon cheeseburger?  They also have their whimsically named clucks and fries which is well suited for all age types.  These flavorful breaded chicken tenders are well made and are sure to be enjoyed by all who order them.  Now if your more on the vegetarian side or simply like a lighter meal the caesar salad is just right for you.  They give a filling portion and thoroughly coat the dry ingredients.  Their portions are spot on to make a perfect veggie medley.

Even when you think you’re stuffed, there’s always room for dessert!  Their variety is quite tasteful.  They have shakes all the way to chocolate coated brownie sticks.  The shakes have a nice creamy consistency and the coolness mixed with simple flavors eases your taste buds.  

Once you have enjoyed all that Red Robin has to offer you are left slouched back in your chair with a happy food baby.  As you leave, don’t forget to ask for a box of their amazing fries and fun red balloons to take home.

Red Robin located in Topeka, Kan.