The Burger Stand: A life-changing culinary experience

Seth Phelps, Reporter

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Everyone loves a delicious burger, but there is one place that stands out as the best burger joint in town: The Burger Stand. The laid back environment inside the restaurant allows for a relaxing and enjoyable meal. With the smell of bacon and melted cheese, you can tell that the minimal wait will be worth it.

Getting your food is a breeze. The small menu makes ordering simple and the food comes out in a blast. You know that the food will be satisfying because if it is not perfect, it is not sent out. The small menu is made up of a few masterpieces. The burgers, especially, are unique to this burger joint and have been crafted by expert chefs for the customer to be able to enjoy their meal.

My favorite burger is the Smoke. The crunching of the bacon as you take a bite is only seconded by the premium beef melting in your mouth. The perfectly melted Gouda cheese adds a punch, but the Chipotle-cocoa ketchup brings everything together to form a party in your mouth.

The burgers aren’t the only specialties at The Burger Stand, they also have superior fries. The classic fries have a slight crunch and perfect seasoning. The wide range of unique condiments for the fries only add to the experience. My favorite is the roasted marshmallow sauce. The cool sweetness of the marshmallow cancel the heat of the fresh fries and they blend perfectly to create a flavor I have never experienced before.

The Burger Stand specializes in creating the best burger you will ever have. I have never experienced anything other than quality food, and I have never had a complaint. I would encourage anyone who wants to enjoy themselves to go there and partake on a life-changing culinary adventure.

The Smoke burger and fries at The Burger Stand in Topeka, Kan.

Seth is a sophomore at Topeka West enrolled in 21st Century Journalism. He can be reached at [email protected]