What rap music is becoming

Daniel, Editor

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Music is a normal part of people’s everyday lives. Almost everywhere you go you will hear some form of music; everyone has their own opinion of their music,  today the most popular type of music in America is rap. Through some research, I have found that more than 30% of the world listen to rap music, and at school, more than 50% of kids listen to rap music. Needless to say, Rap is very popular. The type of music I like is very different. I like older music, specifically classic rock, the qualities I think that makes a good song is meaning, the flow of a song, and if it sounds good. In my opinion, a majority of rap song lack these qualities. I went around and looked for rap songs that cover a subject about something meaningful; all I have found in the rap songs today, talk about being the coolest one of all. And this is what a lot of rap songs are becoming. Rap is very different from other genres of music, It is free and open and can be used to express meaningful things. However rap music does not take advantage of this, it just goes in a continual circle talking about being the man on the top of the world. I think is a pity because it can be a free and open type of music and can have meaningful lyrics. I think the flow of a song is very important, you have to have something that the song follows. In my opinion, a majority of Rap songs don’t have a good flow or complexity to it, it’s just typing in what you want the tempo of the song to be in the computer. It is almost the same beat as well, a lot of rap songs sound very similar and don’t talk about anything different, thus making the flow very similar and boring. The sound of the song is very important, and as I was saying earlier, a majority of rap songs are very similar and don’t contain any real instruments, and every rap song in nowadays are heavily auto-tuned to make up for the lack of talent the rapper has. This is why in my opinion rap songs are becoming boring repetitious and have little talent.