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Just One Shot

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Just One Shot

Stacey Olson, Senior Reporter

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  • Last night the amazing Topeka West basketball team was cheated.  With just moments left of the T-West Hayden game, Elliot Mehrens made the winning shot, one of his “happiest moments”, by “eagling out” as Shakeem Mickey states.  Or so we thought.  As people began swarming the court and the team tackling Elliot elated about another victory, disaster struck.
  1. The shot was put up for review by the three refs watching the game and to the entire West pride’s outrage, they did not award Mehrens the points.  Making Hayden the victor.  This was a huge blow for the entire school.  The student body as a whole felt cheated because there was evidence that Mehrens released the ball before the buzzer rung and the photo was shared on snapchat and twitter.

Many of the students felt this mistake needed to be justified so they did their best to contacts the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA).  Kentrel Warnow, a Topeka West senior, even called the KSHSAA to try and fix this problem.  Beth Winkelman tweeted them insisting that they “give us our win”.

The sense of community at Topeka West is quite astonishing.  Alexis Gaudreau, a T-West cheerleader, said: “We come together as a school no matter if we win or lose, we all share a moment together.”  It’s beautiful to see this community of young individuals coming together to support their athletics.  Which has made a huge impact on the team.  Topeka West’s own Taylor Corbin, number four on the team, mentioned “Seeing how the environment has changed around West is great.  Everybody is in our corner, including parents of students who aren’t even a part of the team, teachers etc. Having so many people coming to watch and support us just gives us more motivation to go out and compete.  Not just for ourselves but for our school and community.”

Despite all the frustration of last night’s game the boys are ready to bounce back and beat Seaman at home Friday night.  After everything that has happened over the past twenty-four hours, it’s quite clear that West is best.

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Just One Shot