“The Addams Family” wows audiences

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“The Addams Family” wows audiences

Dylan Soza, Chevalier Staff

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“Define normal.”

For the musical this year, West performed “The Addams Family.”

The musical, ‘The Addams Family’ is about how two not so normal families collide. Wednesday Addams, played by senior Liz Freeman has fallen in love with Lucas Beineke, played by freshman Jacob Ashburn. Fester Addams, played by Junior Braden Chaffin, acts as both a Narrator and a character. Fester awakens the Addams’ ancestors for their help so that the couple can find love. After a strange twist of events, the two families learn that they are more alike than they think.

The cast all had good things to say about the set.“Working on the set was pretty cool to see it all gradually come together and watch everyone perfect their character,” said senior Kezia Profitt. Profitt played the character Morticia Addams.

“My character is unique, because Morticia is not like any traditional mom. She calls her son a cockroach and just expects to be pampered at all times,” said Profitt

“I was really interesting to try something out of my element like acting, and I absolutely enjoyed this experience of acting, singing and dancing all together,” added Profitt.

Danielle Carter, who played a judge commented, “It was nice to be apart of something that I was so excited to do and to be be fully invested.”

“I tried to twist my character in different ways and since I was a judge I wanted to think of ways my character may have died and try to play off of the justice theme,” added Carter.

Deven Baumchen, who played Lurch joked, “My character is the only of the more known characters to not have any verbal lines that aren’t ‘ugh.’”

“I think my favorite scene to perform was the scene where I watch an ancestor put a spider on another actor,” mentioned Baumchen.

“Something I enjoyed about the musical is the comedy and comedic attitudes of Fester, Gomez, and Pugsley,” said senior Andrew Mannel,l who saw the show opening night.

“I really enjoyed the musical, just not the part where my parents forced me to go for ‘family Bonding,’” joked sophomore Robert Ramberg, who saw the show.