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From the Graduate

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From the Graduate

Stacey Olson

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To the seniors, oh how quickly time flew. Seems like just yesterday we anxiously walked into the gym for our first day, scoping for friends we hadn’t seen in forever (when in reality we saw them just a couple days ago). All of us over stimulated by the mentors and the charger mascot. From that moment on we counted the weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds to this moment. Finally, after four excruciating years of late night cram sessions, praying the teacher forgot about the test/homework that was due and praying our voice dropped or we filled out, we will walk across that stage and receive a diploma holder. Now, we can’t forget the fun times. Yes, high school felt painfully long but it was not lacking in memories. Mr. Perry roasting students, all the club carnivals and how could we forget all the laughter from our Snapchat memories? We gained so much at West. We made new friends and lost friends. Made new connections to our lives and how they impact society. As we walk away from West envisioning ourselves as ballers, we must be reminded how far we’ve come and how far we are yet to come. Cherish high school but strive to have more peaks.

To the juniors, you’re one foot out. Enjoy the time you have left getting free education and other resources you won’t contain as you age. Accept the roll of being the new top gun because now you’re who the freshman will aspire to me. Carry on the torch and charge to greatness. We left you a legacy and now it’s your time to build it into an empire.

To the sophomores, you have survived the first half of your high school career. This does NOT mean you have everything figured out. You still have plenty to learn. There’s a good reason you’re not at the top quite yet. Take the experiences of your freshman year and use them. Explore more of the campus. Try taking an honors class. Join a sport or club. Make the most of what West has to offer because it will not always be offered.

To the freshman, the world you’ve stepped into is much larger and serious. To not be fooled by primitive things. Trust your gut and mind. I hope you have found upperclassmen to look up to and if you haven’t, start looking.  Role models are a great way to find a path you want to walk. However, do not mistake this for being them. No matter how hard you try you never will be your heros. What a shame, I know but having an idea of the type of person you want to be will help you move forward.

To everyone, you all have your own stories to tell that I wish I could explore further. Unfortunately, I must bid Topeka West farewell. West we honor you. West we will be true. Always faithful we shall be to the. West, Topeka West.

From, the graduate.

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  1. Robert cornely jr on May 15th, 2018 10:38 pm

    Put your mind to anything and you can achieve it no matter how hard it is or difficult is but I’ll never quit

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From the Graduate