Trump vs. DACA

Kamyah Knight, editor

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  1. Trump revives rhetorical war over Mexico, immigration, DACA:This morning in series of tweets, trump said ‘’ The DACA is dead because the Democrats didn’t care or act, and now everyone wants to get onto the DACA bandwagon … No longer works, “we must build a wall’’. Yet last year Trump denied any proposals to recreate the program Obama begun.Trump formerly wanted to end this program because it doesn’t allow for undocumented kids to get deported.This program lasts 5 years and entitles them to live without the fear of getting deported while working illegally.

President Trump and his attorney Jeff Sessions declared to the Justice department about the change that was going to happen and once they did that they had stirred up commotion with the anti immigrant activists.Trump claimed that his worry was startled by the fact that this was an ‘’unfair system taking advantage of Americans’’.Mr. Sessions had said that “those illegal aliens” are taking all of the jobs for americans because of this program. Soon after Mr. Sessions announcement protests broke out in front of the White House and the Justice Department. Democrats and some republicans claimed this move could harm our economy and wasn’t fair to the under aged immigrants.

Our former president Obama said ‘’Whatever concerns or any complaints americans had shouldn’t affect young immigrants because of immigration, it’s not their fault.’’ Both Trump and himself claimed ‘’it would be up to the lawmakers to protect the immigrants as a border overhaul towards the system and also toughen enforcement’’. Hours after Trump’s speech reactions struck him and he had a change in heart.In a tweet Trump called Congress to ‘’legalize DACA’’.He informed the lawmakers that if he doesn’t have a program similar to Obama’s then he will revisit the issue.DACA