Spotlight story: Boaz Drain

Daniel Jaques, Author

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Boaz Drain is a very smart intellectual who attends Topeka West and is in 10th grade. Boaz seems to be having “a good year” so far. Except for one class that seems to be very hard. Boaz said “my hardest class has been History with Ms. Booher” and that “five multiple choice questions just doesn’t make sense.” As the interview went on I asked Boaz what was his more entertaining class was, Boaz thought for a bit and then answered with “lunch.” I then asked what he hopes to score in his harder classes, Boaz said: “He hopes to pass them all with A’s.” I asked If he was 15, he said “yes.” I then I asked if he has a job, he said “no.” I asked about his future life, and what job he wants to get when he gets older, Boaz said “I want to be an Information Technologist, at a company” when asked what company he said “BNSF or maybe Cerner.”  The interview went on and I asked if Boaz has any pets, Boaz said “Yes, I have one” I then asked for the name of the pet and what the pet was(dog, cat so on) Boaz said that the dogs name is “Barzillai the Gileadite and he is a Chinese Pug.” Then I asked if he had any favorite sport? Boaz said “No” then I asked if he likes watching sports, Boaz “No, not really”. Thus concluding my interview with Mr. Drain.