Spotlight Story: Incoming Freshmen

Charleigh Urton, Co Editor-In-Chief

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Incoming Freshman

I had the opportunity to sit down with 8th grader Nivea Triplett and talk to her about how she feels about coming into highschool, more specifically Topeka West. Nivea is currently attending French Middle School and is very happy their. “I love all of my teacher and most of my classes.” In her free time she said she likes to do sports and hang out with her friends.



  • How are you preparing for High School?


“I have been picking out my classes, i am most excited about Workshop.”



  • What are you most excited about?


“I am most excited for the sports. I play basketball and run track.”



  • Are you nervous? If so, about what?


“I am nervous, i nervous about my peers and classes. I’ve seen some of the older kids and they are kinda scary, i don’t know if I’m ready to have classes with them. Also the peers in my grade are immature.”



  • West is a big school, do you think you will get lost on your first day?





  • What are you looking forward to the most?


“ Finding new friends”


  • What are you least looking forward to?

“Science, I hate it and i have never been good at it”



  • Are you taking any honors classes?


“No, there is no way i am smart enough to take them.”



  • Now that you have observed a class at West, what are your expectations?


“I don’t really have any, i just want to get all my work done and have fun.”