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Spotlight Story: Daniel Jaques

Boaz Drain, Editor

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Daniel Jaques is a sophomore at Topeka West High School. His expectation of Topeka West were that there were going to be teachers, but “they have janitors at this school!” His experience at Topeka West has been a “joyous time”, and every time he walks into the school he “just [has] to smile.” According to Daniel, “the teachers here are nice, and the students” are nice as well. However, “some of them [he] really hates.” His favorite class is “Mr. Schnacker’s class.” Mr. Schnacker teaches English at Topeka West.  Somethings that Jaques thinks about “daily all the time” are his favorite experiences “talking among the students and the council members” in order to find “out how we can make our lives better.”

After high school. Jaques hopes to “go to college”, perhaps attend *adjusts his imaginary tie* Harvard. In 10 years, Daniel sees himself “selling stocks” or “managing Home Depot”. He likes “construction” and he is an “artist… with construction.” Daniel says that the most important thing he has learned has been that “we need to except each other as friends…no matter what.” Daniel also says one of his biggest challenges has been in History taught by the “fine teacher” Ms. Booher. Daniel states that the “multiple choice” section on Ms. Booher’s tests are not “easy” because they have “five multiple [choices].”


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Spotlight Story: Daniel Jaques