Mr. Burns Supported by Great Cast and Crew

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Mr. Burns Supported by Great Cast and Crew

Graham Bond, Campus View Assistant Editor-in-Chief

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Mr. Burns, the annual Spring play, was supported by an excellent cast and crew ranging from thespian newcomers to seniors performing their last show in the Goheen Auditorium. While the script was confusing at times, the actors did a good job of performing the story.

“It was difficult differentiating between the scenes,” sophomore Sierra Nelson said.

The Thespians held the story and kept it going, even with its shortcomings.

“Things were so jumpy at times I found myself lost, but after paying close attention and asking around, I managed to figure out what was going on and really really enjoyed it,” Nelson said.

“It’s a really fun show,” sophomore Malissa Newcome said.

Act One starts out introducing the characters Matt (freshman Jacob Ashburn), Jenny (freshman Alexys Carreno), Maria (junior Kaylee Free), Sam (sophomore Hugo Gonzalez), and Coleen (junior Erin Watts). The characters are sitting around a campfire, reminiscing about the past and retelling an episode of the Simpsons (Cape Feare). During this, Gibson (junior Braden Chaffin) wanders onto their campsite and is introduced as another survivor after the power went out. The characters all ask Gibson if he’s been in contact with friends and family they lost during “the fires.” After Gibson reveals that he hasn’t seen them, the characters continue to retell the Simpsons episode.

In Act Two, the story jumps forward seven years, adding Quincy (senior Liz Freeman) to the show. The characters are now in a traveling theatre troupe that tours the post-apocalyptic United States. To earn batteries, the only source of power left, the group performs a series of Simpsons episodes. However, the group has competition that fight over storylines, making a parallel that reflects copyright laws with deadly consequences. The troupe eventually is ended when an unknown mercenary murders them during rehearsal.

Act Three shows the audience what one of the productions would have looked like 75 years after Act Two. The scene portrays the episode of Cape Feare, which has spread by word of mouth, as a Greek tragedy. Mr. Burns, portrayed by Chaffin, kills Homer, Marge, and Lisa Simpson, leaving Bart with no one to defend him. After a short sword fight, Bart stabs Mr. Burns bringing the conflict of the story to an end.

The cast had a lot of fun with Mr. Burns, and some of the seniors had bittersweet emotions during their last show.

“Closing the curtains, which I literally did, on my last show was sad,” senior Taylor Wingert-Ashlock said. “I’ve been doing theatre at West for four years so for it to be the last show that I will do was kind of gloomy. It means saying goodbye to this wonderful group of people I’ve come to call my family. So the feelings in my head were sad but also happy, because even though I’m leaving behind my wonderful family I get to move on and have new experiences at Emporia. So even though I was sad, I’m also happy to be getting to go and try new things. I will miss everything about the group. Honestly, good, bad, great or ugly, I’m gonna miss it.”

“The cast and crew of this theatre is just this giant family,” Ashburn said. “Everyone knows and loves each other, and we all put so much into these shows.”