Language Classes Celebrate Topeka West’s International Food Day

Graham Bond, Campus View Assistant Editor-in-Chief

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Every year, during the second semester, the foreign language students at Topeka West High School celebrate International Food Day. While the rest of the world celebrates on October 16th, the Spanish, German, and French students wait a couple months. However, the wait is certainly worth it.

“The food was good,” Sophomore Carson Dinwiddie said. “Some of it was spicy, but I think everybody did a good job.”

The annual event is a rather old tradition at Topeka West.

“It was started about 20 years ago, but was done in the evenings in February.” Spanish teacher Ms. Riedle said. “About 8 years ago, students lost interest in making the foods and coming back to school.

To continue the tradition, Riedle had her students participate during class.

“I continued doing foods from different Hispanic countries in my own classes, and I believe about 3 years ago the rest of the world language teachers agreed to try it during the school day,” Riedle said.

This year, Mr. Childs German 2 class had a wide range of German foods, with everything from Bratkartoffeln (pan fried potatoes) to Marmorkuchen (marble cake). The students waited for the Spanish 2 class to arrive. After everyone had arrived, the students each gave a small introduction about their food, and then sampled the food.

“The food was really good and well made,” said Sophomore Matthew Seastrom.

Topeka West’s International Food Day has been a big success since the year the event started.

The activity allows for a fun break from foreign language, yet also lets students explore foreign cultures through the use of food.

“While I may have splattered the kitchen in cake batter, I had fun making the cake,” Seastrom said.

After all, what better way is there to learn about other cultures?