Amber Kuebler, Co Editor in Chief

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Hello, to the girl who is popular but feels alone because no one talks to her all she has is her pretty looks.

Hello, to the boy on the football team who scores touchdowns like no other.

Hello, to the girl who is pregnant by a guy who raped her and all she has now is not her family but herself that is keeping her strong because her family disowned her for getting raped.

Hello, to the boy who is abused by his parents everyday because he never does anything right he never lives up to his brothers shoes which will never be filled by him because he gave up the bruises have left emotional pain that will never leave.

Hello, to the baby girl and boy who have been left outside in the cold by themselves by their parents and left out in the woods to die.

Hello, to that one weird kid in the back of the class because you always get made fun of about your clothes, size, hair, and being a nerd but lives off of what their parents can afford because they are going broke by the minute.

Let me tell you why I am saying hello. The things people say and do and assume are terrible because that’s you know but what are you in the future? The boy on the football team never is a kid who was popular he was just there with guys who picked him up at the end of the game. The girl who got raped well she finished high school and college and is able to raise that little girl by herself with no help she worked and now she owns her own fashion business. That boy who was abused by his parents everyday running away and living across the country making money off of street performance and got about $200 everyday he is now living in a small apartment and just the other day he got offered to perform the opening show of the biggest name. The baby girl and boy had gotten picked up in the woods a day after they were dropped off and now they are healthier and going to school and living with a loving family. The weird kid in the back of the class is now the boss of many different companies. I say hello to those who need it now and won’t need it later, I say hello to those who don’t need it now but will need it later because you never know when you will need a hello.