What about our childhood?

Amber Kuebler, Co Editor in Chief

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10 year old me worried about what my friends and I were going to do that day. 10 year holds today worries about how their clothes look and how tight they are, how big their butts are and how sharp their eyeliner wing is.

10 year old me loved going outside and playing in the dirt and grabbing the worms and dangling them in front of my mothers face until I “get into trouble.” 10 year olds now find fun in going to the mall blowing their parents money while cussing at their parents for not getting them the new IPhone, so they can gossip about how Veronica looked yesterday.

10 year old me was frightened by lightning striking my house or my dad because he would go outside during a bad storm. 10 year olds now are frightened by 3% left on their phone while they are at the mall because now they can’t take their selfie for the Sunday and post it waiting for at least 300 likes.

10 year old me got excited over having a family birthday so I could hang out with my cousins and play a games while waiting for cake to be ready then shoving it in my face so we could continue playing. 10 year olds now get excited over the newest game counsel or video game coming out so they could buy it and hide in their room for hours not realizing they spent 10 hours nonstop playing but they just need a few more minutes to win.

Kids now don’t know the joy of creating your own games, having your own imagination without any help, and creating your own world filled with whatever you want. Kids now know about electronics and the electronics take over all the creativity from the child leaving them with not a lot of imagination but if it does leave them with some imagination they idea wasn’t their own it was based off of something they already heard or saw, leaving them with what?