A longer lunch

Daniel Jaques, Editor

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A majority of people at school will admit that lunch is a nice relaxing part of the day. Everyone like taking a break in the middle of the day, but one of the best parts of lunch gets to eat. Our school is just like any other school when it comes to lunch, taking a break around the middle part of the day, our lunch breaks are around 30 min, 30 minutes to get from your class all the way to the lunchroom to get in line and wait around 5 minutes to get your lunch then go find a place to eat. This process of just getting to the spot you want to eat can take around 10-12 min; That only leaves you with 18-20 minutes to eat your lunch. And when a student wants to go out for lunch (leaving school) they have to walk all the way to their car and drive to the there house which can take 10 to even 20 minutes and then have to come back to school. I think this is a really poor system to rush lunch, it does not give us enough time to eat our food and take a break from the day and get ready to take the rest of the school day on, with energy and strength. I think if our school were to take at least 5 minutes from every class ( 8 classes including charger time) and put all of those minutes to our lunchtime, that would give us plenty of time to eat our lunch whether at school or at home and