Online dating, is it a hit or miss?

Charleigh Urton, Co Editor-In-Chief

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When you think of online dating what do you think of? Do you think it’s safe? Do you even know what online dating is? Online dating is a form of dating that matches you with certain people according to your likes and dislikes or certain things. Some say that it’s unsafe and not right to hide behind a screen but that’s what we’re here to learn about. When someone signs up for an online dating website they have no idea what kind of people will be on there. Their neighbor might be on there for all they know. It’s just a way to meet people from a different point of view.

When someone wants to change things up they try online dating. This is a way to meet someone and not judge them on what they look like or sound like but a way to make sure you want to meet them. These websites give you lists of people that you wouldn’t necessarily meet in your everyday life and it sorts out people that you would like and it keeps you away from the people you want to avoid, it also gives you a personality test to see who you would be compatible with. When you meet someone online you text maybe talk on the phone but this is a way for you to get to know someone on a different level and make sure you like them and if you do when you meet. You can get it on your phone and get on the site. anytime you want. It’s your choice whether you want to talk to the person all of the power is in your hand and you may do what you please with it.

When people think of online dating they think “Oh it’s a way to find your true love.” That can be true in some cases but online dating has its drawbacks. The biggest concern is the people will be catfished, that’s where people pretend to be someone to get close to a person, but they use a different picture, or even stalked.  When you’re dating online you may not even know who the person really is. Did you know that when you give a dating site personal information, they keep it permanently, even if you delete your profile? When you first sign up for your site it has you take a test to see if you’re compatible. What happens if you’re compatible with everyone or even know one, that can be overwhelming and stressful and then you might even want to give up and become a crazy cat person.

When it comes to Online dating I have never tried it but I have heard stories and I know people on dating websites. I think that dating websites are not a good idea. They can be time-consuming, some of the people on there can be false(catfish) and when you are talking to someone online it’s not as personal as most would want it to be. If you don’t know who you’re talking to they could be trying to take your identity or they could be using you and you could get in trouble. If you “fall in love” with someone by talking to them on the internet and find out that they’re not who they say they are or they were lying you could be seriously hurt and then that can ruin you. Overall it was a nice concept but there are too many risks involved for it to be finding your “true love.”