This I Believe

Charleigh Urton, Co Editor-In-Chief

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Everyone has to make choices in their life, so why not choose to make one for other people. I believe in hope for cancer patients who don’t have hope for themselves.

At the age of 9, I had a great life, great adventures, and great friends. Life was good until I heard of the terrible thing called cancer. My Aunt Kristie was diagnosed with breast cancer and as a younger child, this took a toll on my life. Her and my mother were at work when she felt a lump, which was alarming so she went to get it checked. 2 weeks later, we learned that she has stage 3 breast cancer. She started receiving Chemotherapy right away.

As the Chemo progressed she was getting better but she was still hurting. That image was stuck in my head, it confused me because the doctors said she was getting better but she was still gloomy and tired all of the time. I sat in the room with all of the cancer patients getting Chemo, tubes going in their arms, being poked and prodded at but the nurses and doctors, but they all had one thing in common, hope. It inspired me to have hope, not just for her but for every cancer patient.

When I first learned about Cancer I didn’t understand that not everyone survived. Some people that are diagnosed don’t think there’s even a chance for them, and in some cases that is true but all they need is a little hope and to fight for their life. After my experience with cancer, I believe that everyone should believe in the people who have Cancer. Believe that they can push through the pain and hope that one day they can have the lives that they once lived until the terrible thing took over their bodies. Have hope in cancer patients when they don’t have it themselves.