Triston Bohling, editer of sports page

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Baseball has a lot of different positions and you have to practice in order to play the right way. Most people think it’s just throwing a ball and catching it and getting the runner out at the base, but it’s a lot more than you think. To me baseball has subjects that are more math related, it’s more of an area, base, height, and how fast the ball needs to go. I’ve been doing baseball-related activities since I was 3 which was about 11 and a half years ago, baseball is the main part of my life and I’m in high school now so that’s a lot of time to be playing baseball.

In baseball, the coach’s will yell at you and they will tell you to have fun, play your best, and get better at whatever you’re doing. Coaches will be proud of you and will try to push you to do more extraordinary things. That’s what the Topeka West coaches are like.

For my baseball team and I, it will be a big accomplishment if we can go to the state championship. The Topeka West baseball team hasn’t won a championship in 15 years if this year we can win it will be an amazing experience for the coaches and the team.